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Explainer Video, sounds too familiar, ain’t it? Yea...any video that explains a process, methodology implemented or functionality of Products / Services that makes understanding better is an Explainer Video. They are primarily used as a tool of enlightenment for the viewers. An Explainer video works well in simplifying complex ideas and concepts involved.

Any video that is capable of speaking on behalf of an officer cadet person, a company or a sales person to explain what he wants to convey is an Explainer Video. It could be an idea, a product, a service, a movement or even a cause. This way, it helps getting a message passed on from one person to another or even from one generation to another in the most effortless manner.

Knowledge is gathered, retained and processed to make tricky and intricate ideas simpler. Explainer videos are best suitable to explain how a mechanism works. With the pictorial representation of the product or machine and the stage-by-stage working methodology explained with a simple audio on the background as a Voice Over, it helps understanding of the substance on a lighter note.

May it be a Mobile App or a Service offered by a corporate or even a start-up, enlightenment of the concept worked on is all that it requires to help the developed product gain a good reach among the audience. The systematic process involved in the working manual of the app or the procedure involved in the process is explained crisp and to the point. Not a single detail gets missed out in the process of explaining in the Explainer Videos.

Characters used in explaining a scenario or process help in complete understanding of the Product in an Explainer Video. A good explainer video takes a single shot to embed the required concept in the minds of the expected audience. Making the message edible for the viewers in a short span of time is the challenge successfully attained.

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